Signs That Your Partner Is Hiding Assets From You

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Financial infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States. A recent report from shows that at least 6% of all married couples have at least one partner hiding assets from the other. Though it may not look like much, that is a ratio of one in twenty. Chances are, someone you know may have this issue.

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The same study by found that one in four married couples think it is acceptable to spend up to $500 without telling their partner. With these statistical indications, hiding assets and financial transactions is easy. If you suspect your partner is hiding assets from you, they probably are.

Though unscrupulous partners will try to hide assets in thousands of ways, there are several identifiable red flags that are common signs in most hidden asset cases. With some detective work and knowledge of the red flags to look for, you will have a head start to head off your partner's behavior. These early warning signs are especially important to recognize if you suspect that a divorce is on the horizon and want to make sure that you get your fair share of the marital assets.

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Your Partner Tries To Beat You to the Mail or Is Rerouting Mail to PO Boxes

Your partner may occasionally want to beat you to the mail if they are trying to surprise you with a package or are expecting mail or a parcel that excites them. However, if they try to do it regularly, something is amiss. Since bank and credit card statements are mailed, they may be watching out for these to ensure that you don't see their purchases. Aside from trying to beat you to the mail, they may also try to reroute such documents to PO boxes to ensure that you won't see them. Once you notice these signs, it is time to dig a little deeper.

Your Partner Insists on Taking Control of the Family's Expenses

Expenses should be a shared responsibility. Even if you don't earn as much as your spouse, you should both have input on everything you spend together. Once your partner excludes you from financial decisions, they will be able to channel substantial amounts to themselves. Please note that the amount of money they reroute in a single transaction may not be significant, especially in the beginning. They may take small portions regularly to make their intentions undetectable.

Making Seemingly Unnoticeable Purchases Frequently

Many of us think that hiding assets may entail a partner splurging on a big-ticket item and hiding it somewhere you can't find it. A car may cost $20,000, but fifty trips to stores spending $400 at a time amount to just as much. As mentioned earlier, making small purchases without your knowledge is one way they can channel substantial assets away from you over time.

Making Large Cash Transfers and Withdrawals

Unscrupulous spouses may find ways to hide assets and purchases discreetly. However, they may take the obvious route by opening personal bank accounts and making substantial deposits without informing you. If you delegate the full responsibility of making financial decisions to your partner, you may be less attentive to how they hide money, even if they don't try to conceal it. For self-employed individuals or small business owners, channeling money this way without informing their partners is typical. Though directing financial resources this way is not illegal, the intention to deceive you makes it wrong, especially if they don't inform you about any of these transactions.

Refusing To Pool Your Credit Cards Together

Sharing financial responsibilities means taking full accountability for all your marital expenses together. One way to share financial responsibility is by pooling your credit cards together. Not only is this an effective way to catch your partner using their credit card purchases to channel financial assets, but refusal to do so also merits a deeper look at your partner's financial infidelity.

Parking Assets Where They Are Less Obvious

Many people don't realize it, but seemingly exotic places, such as stock options and work benefits, should be counted among marital assets if acquired during the duration of the marriage. Whether or not partners do this on purpose, taking full accountability for these assets should be shared between couples.

Traveling Out of the Country Frequently To Open Offshore Bank Accounts

Another exotic way of hiding assets is opening offshore accounts. Though there are means to collect evidence of these transactions, it is challenging for most investigators to determine the full extent of such cases. A partner, seeing divorce on the horizon, may establish a shell company. They will hire a "straw person" to act as a director for that shell company. This nominee director will open an offshore bank account in the name of this shell company and transfer money into that account.

Why You Need Help From a Fort Worth Private Investigator

If you have an impending divorce, now is the right time to confirm your suspicions and start looking for assets that your partner may be hiding. Should you let your partner control your marital assets entirely, it will be challenging for attorneys to divide the assets fairly among contending parties. The financial implications on your part of an inequitable division of support can be severe. Even if you win your child custody case, the financial help you may get from child support enforcement agencies may not be enough.

Though being informed of these red flag signs is crucial to uncovering how much your partner hides, it is challenging to do it alone. That is where Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations come in. With our combined experience in surveillance, civil litigation support, and asset locates, we have what it takes to help you get a fair share of your marital estate. If you want to learn more about our asset locates and civil litigation investigation support, call us at (817) 676-7683, or fill out our contact form on our contact us page.


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