Attorney Support in Fort Worth Dallas

Attorney Support Fort Worth Dallas

Attorneys make up one of our largest client groups. As seasoned private investigators operating in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas, Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations are knowledgeable about Texas law, local law enforcement, and conditions specific to our area. That is why attorneys frequently turn to us for support with their most important cases.

Texas Board Certified Investigator

Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations specialize in supporting attorneys in building airtight cases for their clients through the following services:

Criminal Investigations

  • Support for Local/State/Federal Cases:
  • Our knowledge of the specific conditions in Fort Worth, as well as familiarity with working with local, state, and federal cases, makes Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations fully qualified to work with attorneys to gather evidence and perform investigative work for their cases.

  • Defense and Prosecution:
  • Our evidence-gathering and investigative techniques have proven crucial in helping our clients achieve a favorable resolution for their criminal defense or prosecution cases. Our investigations are lawfully conducted and professionally executed. Our investigators are also fully qualified to stand as witnesses if required.

  • Appointed and Retained:
  • Our reputation has earned us attorneys' trust in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. We have been referred, appointed, and retained to take on more challenging tasks reserved for the best private investigators Fort Worth has available.

  • Evidence and Crime Scene Interpretation:
  • We employ a combination of the latest techniques and unparalleled investigative skills to build strong cases for our clients. Our experience and expertise have made us dependable authorities for evidence and crime scene interpretation to support clients' cases.

  • Crimes Against Women and Children:
  • As a highly-experienced D.A.R.E Instructor, Police Instructor, Gang Intelligence Specialist, and School Resource Officer, and being familiar with crimes committed on women throughout her life and career, the owner and manager of Stiletto Spy and Company, with the help of her team of seasoned investigators, are highly-specialized in dealing with crimes against women and children.

  • Interviewing Child Witnesses:
  • Being widely experienced in dealing with youths throughout her career, Catherine Torrez, with the help of her team, is the best qualified to handle highly-sensitive cases that involve interviewing child witnesses.

Civil Investigations

  • Background Searches and Due Diligence for Both Personal and Business Purposes:
  • Placing trust in someone unfamiliar may potentially cause trouble if their background isn't checked thoroughly. Leaving someone caring for your children or sensitive business material requires due diligence from a dependable private investigator.

  • Surveillance and Undercover:
  • Our lawful investigative techniques will prove crucial in building a solid case. We ensure that the surveillance information we gather will be admissible in court or help resolve cases.

  • Signed and/or Recorded Witness Statements:
  • Stiletto Spy and Company specialize in interview techniques that ensure that the whole truth is captured through witness statements. We support attorneys in getting recorded witness statements that are admissible in court.

  • Legal Testimony:
  • As qualified professionals, our investigators can stand witness in court to support our investigative findings.

  • Personal Injury:
  • We also deal with cases involving personal injury resulting from workplace accidents, product liability issues, auto accidents, and other related cases.

  • Insurance Fraud:
  • For years, we have worked diligently to uncover wrongdoing through fraud. We have a support network of specialists that help us investigate all types of fraud, especially insurance fraud. We also work with insurance companies that require confirmation or assistance in uncovering evidence for malingering cases or fraudulent insurance claims.

  • Locates for Assets and Persons:
  • Having key witnesses is crucial in building strong cases. We help attorneys find the persons that will make helpful witnesses or provide information that will be beneficial in developing a case. We also help our clients trace information about hidden assets that is useful in financial infidelity, divorce, and bankruptcy cases.

  • Cell Phone and Computer Forensics:
  • Technology is as essential to investigations as it is to our daily lives. We have a network of specialists that help gather evidence through data retrieval, call tracing, and other services to acquire crucial information when building cases. With the amount of information going through devices like computers and cell phones, getting evidence through these is essential in resolving today's cases.

  • Internet / Social Media Investigations:
  • With most people engaged in social media, it isn't surprising that some can get careless and leave traces of activity that may incriminate them. Especially true for worker malingering, insurance fraud, and infidelity cases, traces left on these channels can uncover a subject’s activities. If they have mentioned it on social media or the internet, we can find it!

  • Case Development:
  • We work with attorneys each step of the way. From initial interviews and case building up to appeals, we offer highly-specialized and personalized support for various cases. We thoroughly prepare reports as we accumulate lawfully-acquired evidence. We ensure that the information we prepare for our attorney-clients is comprehensive and can help form a story admissible in court if required.

Why is Stilleto Spy and Company Investigations, the Most Qualified Investigator for Attorney Support in Fort Worth?

  • Satisfied Clients, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Officers Refer Us:
  • Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations have a long track record of closing cases in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area. Don't take our word for it; we have reviews that show the quality of our services.

  • We Are Licensed Private Investigators in Fort Worth and Dallas:
  • We are licensed to operate in the state of Texas. We know the laws and regulations in our state. We also have decades of experience working in and with law enforcement agencies and attorneys working on local, state, and federal cases.

  • We Have the Ideal Experience That You Require:
  • Whether you need widely experienced private investigators in Dallas, Spanish-speaking staff members, or people with broad experience in supporting attorneys, corporate, background, civil litigation, missing person searches, or criminal investigations in Texas, we have them all.

  • We treat our Clients with Dignity and Respect:
  • We inform and educate our clients about the complexities of their legal problems. Often, our clients find themselves in a new but foreign situation when dealing with the justice system. We speak the language of our clients, and we understand their needs. We listen closely once you share your problems, understand every word, and will go out of our way to ensure that you get the services you require and more. Such traits have endeared us to our clients for years. We understand that each case is unique. We will guarantee to keep absolute confidentiality of your working with us.

  • We Blend In:
  • We are experts in blending in. We treat each case with the utmost professionalism and treat every case like a high-profile case. As astute private investigators in Fort Worth, we know the environment well. We use our decades of combined expertise to lawfully gather evidence and get to the bottom of the truth quickly, discreetly, and smoothly.

Spanish Speaking Investigators available!

Catherine Torrez was employed for over 20 years as a law enforcement officer in duties ranging from Patrol, Criminal Investigations, School Resource Officer, D.A.R.E. Instructor, Police Instructor, Gang Intelligence, Warrants, Evidence Guardian and Chief of Police. Also experienced in Policy & Procedure. Focused on investigations and instructing in Crimes against Women & Children cases.

Stiletto Spy & Company Investigations is an accomplished team of investigators who will professionally serve your Law Firm and client’s needs.

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