Photogrammetry and Drone Mapping in Fort Worth

Photogrammetry and Drone Mapping in Fort Worth

Drone mapping and Photogrammetry take investigations and surveillance to another level. By leveraging technology and software, drone mapping, and Photogrammetry, investigators can take a shorter time to map, measure, reconstruct, and diagram scenes than when done in the field without these technologies. Taking images and constructing the scenery on a computer often yields better results than traditional methods.

While taking drone photographs and videos provides a 2-dimensional representation of a scene, Photogrammetry provides a three-dimensional image model of a specific setting by interpreting images and patterns of electromagnetic imagery, GPS positioning, and other methods. Combined with terrestrial cameras, the information, such as distance, positions, and angles of an incident scene, or a survey site, can be determined accurately.

Applications Where Photogrammetry and Drone Mapping Are Applied

Photogrammetry and Drone Mapping Are Applied

With enhanced accuracy and accurate imagery, the detailed results provide exceptional information about the surveyed area. The reconstructed and rendered imagery can help investigations by providing clearer and more precise measurements and photo models that can help in the following applications:

  • Crash Reconstruction :
  • 3D models using data and precise measurements taken from cameras placed in different locations, including photos taken from above, create a precise model of a crash scene that can be presented more convincingly.

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction :
  • Precise measurements are also crucial when piecing together a coherent reconstruction of a crime scene. With detailed images and measurements taken from different angles, including those taken from above, more precise photo models can help investigators provide more compelling evidence to validate or disprove prevailing theories or stories regarding a crime.

  • Industrial Accident Reconstruction :
  • The combination of terrestrial and aerial cameras can provide a more accurate reconstruction of industrial accident scenes. With precise measurements and highly-detailed photos taken from all possible angles, more profound photo models present such scenes in new ways that can help solve industrial accident cases.

  • Land Surveys and Construction Site Documentation:
  • One of the primary uses of this technology is land surveying. The measurements, technologies, and techniques in Photogrammetry yield precise images and accurate measurements of particular objects, such as buildings and land areas.

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