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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is it illegal me to read my mate’s text message without their permission?

A.  No, not at this time, however, you should check with your attorney to verify that an action such as this will be productive in a civil suit.  At the very least, if you have to read your spouse’s text messages, the red flag of mistrust is waiving and you need to get into some counseling.


Q.  Is it illegal for me to read my mate’s e-mails without them knowing it?

A.  Yes, in most states, it is illegal to read another person’s e-mails (including your mate) without their permission.


Q.  Can I put a GPS on my mate’s car/vehicle without their permission?

A.  Actually, there isn’t a blanket answer for this because each state differs.  In Texas, there is still a community property law.  This means that in a marriage, all property that is obtained during the marriage (unless there is some legal contract stating otherwise – such as a prenuptial agreement, etc.) then the property belongs to both parties (husband and wife).  A person is allowed to put a GPS on their own property.  Many times a mate suspects that the other mate is cheating and they will attach a GPS monitor on their vehicle to monitor where their mate is driving (without their knowledge) and it is legal when it is their property.  Some states see this differently and will frown on it if the courts find that a party has done this to the other party in a divorce suit.  Other courts may even say the act is illegal but for now, Texas allows as described above.  Many parents put GPS monitors on their teens’ vehicles.  It is a great tool to give their teen as a valid excuse for them to give their friends when they are asked to go certain places and drive certain speeds and go at certain hours.  The monitoring device allows you to be notified when the vehicle leaves certain zones and also when the car exceeds a set speed.


Q.  Should I make up a fake Facebook or MySpace profile and pretend to be another woman/man to see if my mate is faithful?

A.  Again, if you have to go this far, you have already seen a few red flags previously that has given you reason to go this extreme.  It is a clever idea but what are you going to do with the information when you get it?  If a Private Investigator does anything like that to get information, it would be delivered in a professional manner (I would hope that it would be!) and the investigator would be able to advise the client regarding the benefits or negative aspects of the information.  It is best to let a licensed professional to help with these situations for your protection!

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