Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is it illegal for me to read my mate’s text message without their permission?

-   No, not at this time, however, you should check with your attorney to verify that an action such as this will be productive in a civil suit.  At the very least, if you have to read your spouse’s text messages, the red flag of mistrust is waiving and you need to get into some counseling.


Q.  Is it illegal for me to read my mate’s e-mails without them knowing it?

-   Yes, in most states, it is illegal to read another person’s e-mails (including your mate) without their permission.


Q.  Can I put a GPS on my mate’s car/vehicle without their permission?

-   Actually, there isn’t a blanket answer for this because each state differs.  In Texas, there is still a community property law.  This means that in a marriage, all property that is obtained during the marriage (unless there is some legal contract stating otherwise – such as a prenuptial agreement, etc.) then the property belongs to both parties (husband and wife).  A person is allowed to put a GPS on their own property.

HOWEVER, some courts may be offended by one mate placing a tracker on their spouse's car if that vehicle is strictly used by only 1 party. You should ask your civil family attorney before placing a tracking device.

Many times a mate suspects that the other mate is cheating and they will attach a GPS monitor on their vehicle to monitor where their mate is driving (without their knowledge) and it is legal when it is their property.

Some states see this differently and will frown on it if the courts find that a party has done this to the other party in a divorce suit.  Other courts may even say the act is illegal but for now, Texas allows as described above.  Many parents put GPS monitors on their teens’ vehicles.

It is a great tool to give their teen as a valid excuse for them to give their friends when they are asked to go certain places and drive certain speeds and go at certain hours.  The monitoring device allows you to be notified when the vehicle leaves certain zones and also when the car exceeds a set speed.


Q.  Should I make up a fake Facebook or Instagram or other Socia Media profile and pretend to be another woman/man to see if my mate is faithful?

-   Again, if you have to go this far, you have already seen a few red flags previously that has given you reason to go this extreme.  It is a clever idea but what are you going to do with the information when you get it?

If a Private Investigator does anything like that to get information, it could cause the information be considered tainted since it was received under a false pretense. Again, check with an attorney prior to obtaining information by means of this method. The evidence gained via this manner may be unusable and the judge may lose all respect for any testimony or evidence presented by an unethical investigator. A Professional Private Investigator would be better off to use a real person's profile to obtain information.


Q.  Can you find the new address of someone whose partner is trying to hide their move, especially if they are hiding in Fort Worth or Dallas?

-   Yes. We can likely locate almost anyone worldwide, provided that we get accurate essential information from the client however, people who have no utilities, insurance, licenses or use of credit may be difficult to locate.

-   In the case of Fort Worth or Dallas, finding the subject who signs a lease (from a reporting leasor), changes their driver's license address, applies for credit or new utiliities, shouldn't be a problem.


Q. What are your payment terms, and what forms of payment do you accept?

-   Before the commencement of investigative services, we request a retainer to be paid at an agreed-upon amount due at the time of signing a Service Agreement. 

-   We accept personal or business checks, cash, or credit card payments.

-   You may download the details of the service agreement on this page: (Surveillance and Research Service Agreement)


Q.  How will I get updates about surveillance or investigation results?

-   The client is entitled to a written report and any pertinent documentation as a result of the investigation.

-   As set forth in the terms and conditions stipulated in the service agreement, the contractor shall provide the client with investigative services that may result in the following: Written reports, Recorded statements, Documents, Video, Audio, Photographs and any related materials.

-   The reports may be delivered to the client via US Mail, emailed, hand-delivered, faxed upon consent from the client, or delivered telephonically.

-   Whenever possible, the client will be updated informally or verbally within one day after the conclusion of an activity.


Q.  Can I use the evidence gathered by Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations in court?

-   The information and evidence gathered by Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations are admissible in court.

-   We only use lawful means when we collect evidence to ensure it will be admissible in court.

-   Moreover, we prepare our reports professionally so that they will corroborate the facts and present a coherent story.


Q.  What makes your Private Investigators in Fort Worth exceptional?

-   Most of our private investigators have vast experience working in law enforcement.

-   That means that our investigators can offer our clients a more trained and professional perspective.

-   As seasoned private investigators and former law enforcement officers, our private investigators have the "eye for detail" that may be the key to your case.

-   Our investigators can also provide qualified testimony in your court case.

-   Our investigators have the training, expertise, network, and equipment to do person searches, surveillance, and other investigative services that have favorably resolved our client's cases.

-   Our investigators have exceptional "people skills" and are experts in kinesics interview tactics proven effective worldwide in interviews and interrogations.

We offer the most economic solutions to help our clients fulfill their investigation needs...



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