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Crimes Against Children Fort Worth Dallas

While Crimes Against Children cases are part of Criminal Defense Investigations overall, Crimes Against Children cases require a different set of skills from most other criminal defense cases. An investigator working on these types of cases should have training and experience in interviewing children, talking to parents of children, and using investigative techniques for evaluating the evidence and providing additional information to the defense attorney.

We are passionate about defending the falsely accused individual! We use our most highly skilled and trained investigator to work on these cases. After an initial meeting with the defense attorney and defendant, our investigator will offer tried and true suggestions for a course of action to best manage the case.

Crimes Against Children in Fort Worth Dallas

The owner and manager of Stiletto Spy and Company is a highly-experienced D.A.R.E. Instructor, Police Instructor, Gang Intelligence Specialist, and School Resource Officer. She has also become deeply familiar with crimes committed against women throughout her career. With the help of her team of seasoned investigators, Stiletto Spy and Company is highly-specialized in dealing with crimes against women and children.

Child abuse is more common in the United States than most people expect. Current estimates place the number at 1.25 million children who suffer some form of child abuse each year in the United States. Crimes against children take on many forms:

  • Emotional Abuse:
  • Emotional child abuse is when a child is exposed to behavior that damages or scars them psychologically and emotionally. Although this form of abuse doesn't leave physical scars, the child may carry its effects for the rest of their life. Emotional abuse takes many forms, varying in degrees of severity. However, these may make a child feel worthless or incapable of performing tasks they are expected to complete.

  • Psychological Abuse:
  • Though interchangeably linked with emotional abuse, psychological abuse occurs when a child is subjected to behavior that is harmful to their psychological, emotional, and social development. Typical forms of psychological abuse result from terrorizing, ignoring, and harassment. Psychological abuse may result in a child becoming extremely depressed, displaying a withdrawn personality, and other behavioral changes.

  • Physical Abuse:
  • Physical abuse leaves visible evidence on a child's body resulting from abuse that includes hitting, choking, beating, biting, and burning, among others. A child may often deny the abuse inflicted on them to protect the perpetrator or in fear of further abuse.

  • Neglect:
  • Neglect happens when a parent deprives a child of the basic necessities they require to live appropriately, such as food, shelter, and clothing. Negligence also includes denying a child proper dental and healthcare despite the parent being financially stable.

  • Sexual Abuse:
  • Sexual abuse happens when a child participates in any form of sexual activity perpetuated by an adult. The wide variety of sexual abuse includes touching a child's genitalia or having a child fondle another individual's genitalia, among others.

  • Abandonment:
  • The definition of abandonment varies among states. Cases of abandonment result when a child is left to themselves, typically because their parents are unprepared for raising a child.

  • Parental Drug Abuse:
  • Specific states define parental drug abuse as a form of child abuse. Exposing children to dangerous drugs can severely affect their mental, physical, and emotional development.

Any form of child abuse is detrimental to children. Children are typically unprepared to share their entire stories when asked about their situation. With highly-qualified private investigators specializing in investigating crimes against children, combined with our unique skill in communicating with children going through these challenges, Stiletto Spy and Co. are the ideal private investigators to handle these cases.

Special Victims Unit Investigation:

Being accused of a crime is traumatic. Most people will feel helpless once they are charged with a crime, especially for an offense they did not commit. For anyone accused of a crime, getting professional support from dependable private investigators and defense attorneys can help them survive their ordeal and be in an ideal position to build a solid case to merit an acquittal.

The typical cases we handle for our SVU Investigations are:

  • Sexual Assault:
  • These are typically he-said, she-said matters. Getting to the bottom of the matter is challenging for both parties. Acquiring convincing evidence is crucial in earning an acquittal and clearing a suspect’s reputation. However, for an accused person, a sexual assault allegation can be damaging. If bail isn't forthcoming, this could mean an extended jail term.

  • Child Abuse Cases:
  • With our broad experience in interviewing children and dealing with cases that involve crimes against children, we can help get to the bottom of the matter and uncover the truth.

  • Criminal Cases:
  • We have decades of combined experience in private investigative and law enforcement work. We know the specifics that surround criminal cases in Fort Worth. From misdemeanors to severe crimes, we have the skills and expertise to conduct investigative work, evidence gathering, and interviews that will help attorneys and their clients build solid cases.

Why is Stilleto Spy and Company Investigations the Most Qualified Investigator for SVU Defense and Crimes Against Children Investigation in Fort Worth?

  • Satisfied Clients, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Officers Refer Us :
  • Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations have a long track record of closing cases in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area. We are highly qualified to deal with child abuse cases and criminal defense investigations in Fort Worth. Don't take our word for it; we have reviews that show the quality of our services.

  • We Are Licensed Private Investigators in Fort Worth and Dallas :
  • We are licensed to operate in the state of Texas. We know the laws and regulations in our state. We also have decades of experience working in and with law enforcement agencies and attorneys who worked with local, state, and federal cases.

  • We Have the Ideal Experience That You Require :
  • Whether you need widely experienced private investigators in Fort Worth and Dallas, Spanish-speaking staff members, or people with broad experience in supporting attorneys, corporate, background, civil litigation, missing person searches, or criminal investigations in Texas, we have them all.

  • We treat our Clients with Dignity and Respect:
  • We inform and educate our clients about the complexities of their legal problems. Often, our clients find themselves in a new but foreign situation when dealing with the justice system. We speak the language of our clients, and we understand their needs. We listen closely once you share your problems, understand every word, and will go out of our way to ensure that you get the services you require and more. Such traits have endeared us to our clients for years. We understand that each case is unique. We will guarantee to keep absolute confidentiality of your working with us.

  • We Blend In:
  • We are experts in blending in. We treat each case with the utmost professionalism and treat every case like a high-profile case. As astute private investigators in Fort Worth, we know the environment well. We use our decades of combined expertise to lawfully gather evidence and get to the bottom of the truth quickly, discreetly, and smoothly.

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