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At Stiletto Spy & Company Investigations, we understand knowledge is power.  We keep you informed as the investigation develops with the intention that you can make an informed decision. "You will know what we know when we know it."

Pre-Employment Screening

Your business budget will dictate the depth of background research regarding your future employee or business partner before your final acceptance. We offer simple screening services through in-depth investigations to obtain accurate information. Read more...

Pre-Relationship Screening

Are you tired yet? Are you tired yet of doing what you always do and getting what you always get? When you buy a house or car, do you check it out BEFORE you buy it? Well, why not do a bit of investigating to be sure of what you are getting into before your emotions take control or before you say, I do? Read more...

Sometimes your date may be more interested in your children than they are in you. Is your Child Safe?

We offer simple screening services of researching databases through in-depth investigations to find out accurate information of prospective social or professional relationships. It is much more affordable to spend a little time and money up front doing your homework to check out someone’s background before entering into a contract or business agreement with that person or a personal relationship with them.
Our emotions often time take the lead when there may be warning signs and maybe there are no warning signs but we dive in without any due diligence to find out before we go too far. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing out there ready to take the “nice” people to the bank and “clean them out." Don’t be one of them!

Persons and Asset/Property Locate

We offer simple database searches to locate people or property and offer likely locations or conclusive information with evidence to back it up. Our clients' budgets will always dictate which level of service they will choose. Read more...

Civil Litigation Investigations

We assist to gather evidence through surveillance, witness interviews and statements, and the use of all legal means to further our client’s case in preparation for court and trial. Read more...

Criminal Defense Investigations

We work as a part of your Defense Team to build the best defensive strategies, investigate leads, interview and prepare witnesses, offer professional testimony and gather evidence for your trial. Read more...

Drone Mapping / Photogrammetry

(Aerial 3-D view and measurements used to produce a “to scale” model)

We make "to scale" crime & crash scene reconstruction models, of the actual location. We use both aerial and terrestrial cameras to capture the data for our photogrammetry process. With this information, we calculate DISTANCE, ANGLES, and POSITIONS of the incident scene.

This service is used in the following areas: Crash Reconstruction Crime Scene Industrial Accident Reconstruction Land Survey Construction Site Documentation

As former law enforcement officers, we will be the first to admit, some officers don't always conduct a thorough investigation. Your client shouldn't have to suffer because someone had a bad day and failed to document the scene correctly. Read more...

An example of a crash scene reconstruction 3-D model by clicking the link below:

We understand that customers have many choices as to the investigation’s company they will choose, however, our experience, professionalism, customer service and satisfaction and results driven outcome cannot be matched!  The success of your case is our priority!

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