About Us

Our Mission - Quality Service and Satisfied Clients!

  • Female Owned and Operated Business.
  • Located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area.
  • Discreet and Professional Investigation Services by qualified and experienced investigators.

Many of our investigators have former law enforcement experience thus bringing our clients the experience from a more professional and trained perspective. Our experienced “eye for detail” may be the key in your trial as we are able to give qualified testimony in your case on the witness stand.

At Stiletto Spy & Company Investigations our training and skills in surveillance and persons searches and use of the many database fields that are accessible have assisted us in helping our clients get the information that they need.

Our investigators have expert “people skills” and utilize Kinesics Interview tactics to determine “Truth and Lie” situations just like the popular TV shows!

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About us:

Private Investigator in Fort Worth, Texas: Let our best Private Investigator in Fort Worth and Dallas handle your case for peace of mind and reliable service.