Criminal Defense Investigations in Fort Worth

Being accused of a crime can be complicated. In the case of a capital offense, building a solid case can be daunting. To build a credible defense, you need an experienced private investigator who is very familiar with the state's laws and the specifics of the local area.

Private individuals and attorneys may not gather enough information from the reports they obtain, which may sometimes be inaccurate or incomplete. They typically don't have the same resources to match the prosecuting attorney's office, or the vast resources prosecutors can call upon.

As seasoned private investigators supporting criminal defense attorneys, we can provide all the information about the crime their clients are accused of committing. With our resources, expertise, and investigative methods, we aim to create a solid case to ensure your acquittal.

We have what it takes to help successfully support your criminal defense. These characteristics set us apart from other private investigators:

  • We Understand Law Enforcement :
  • With decades of experience working in law enforcement, we are expertly-positioned to know our way around evidence-gathering and all aspects of building a winnable case. With our expertise in the field, we can provide helpful advice to avoid incriminating yourself while in custody.

  • We Work Closely With Your Lawyer :
  • Our effective investigative methods and broad knowledge of the intricacies of criminal defense can help your lawyer build an airtight case for you.

  • We Know the Intricacies of Criminal Defense :
  • Criminal defense can be complicated. Our systematic and thorough approach to evidence-gathering can ensure you have the information your lawyer requires for an acquittal and that it is admissible in court.

    Aside from gathering exculpatory evidence, we can also help you collect more data and leads for mounting a solid criminal defense case.

Methods for Criminal Defense Investigations in Fort Worth

Criminal Defense Investigations Fort Worth

To support your criminal defense case, we can assist you and your legal counsel by providing the following services :

  • Witness evaluation and screening
  • Conduct witness interviews of relevant witnesses
  • Crime scene investigation, processing, and evaluation
  • Service of process
  • Surveillance operations
  • Evaluation of the area to obtain helpful evidence and witness statements
  • Review all evidence on hand to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • File all the evidence in a report that can stand up in court
  • Provide witness testimony as an expert defense witness
  • Locates of persons relevant to the case

The list above includes the most common services we provide in criminal defense cases but does not include all the possible services we can extend to support your criminal defense case. Each criminal case is unique. We have creative, yet legal, means of obtaining evidence when necessary. With decades of experience dealing with and helping win criminal defense cases, we can assist in getting all the relevant information and crucial evidence that others may overlook.

Why is Stilleto Spy and Company Investigations the Most Qualified Investigator for Criminal Defense Investigations in Fort Worth?

  • Satisfied Clients, Defense Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Officers Refer Us :
  • Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations have a long track record of closing cases in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area. Don't take our word for it; we have reviews that show the quality of our services.

  • We Are Licensed Private Investigators in Fort Worth and Dallas :
  • We are licensed to operate in the state of Texas. We know the laws and regulations in our state. We also have decades of experience working in and with law enforcement agencies.

  • We Have the Ideal Experience That You Require :
  • Whether you need widely experienced private investigators in Dallas, Spanish-speaking staff members, or people with broad experience in corporate, background, civil litigation, missing person searches, or criminal investigations in Texas, we have them all.

  • We treat our Clients with Dignity and Respect:
  • We inform and educate our clients about the complexities of their legal problems. Often, our clients find themselves in a new but foreign situation when dealing with the justice system. We speak the language of our clients, and we understand their needs. We listen closely once you share your problems, understand every word, and will go out of our way to ensure that you get the services you require and more. Such traits have endeared us to our clients for years. We understand that each case is unique. We will guarantee to keep absolute confidentiality of your working with us.

  • We Blend In :
  • We are experts in blending in. We treat each case with the utmost professionalism, and treat every case like a high-profile case. As astute private investigators in Fort Worth, we know the environment well.

    We use our decades of combined expertise to lawfully gather evidence and get to the bottom of the truth quickly, discreetly, and smoothly.

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