6 Ways A Private Investigator in Dallas Fort Worth Can Prove Your Innocence

Private Investigator in Dallas Fort Worth

Being accused of a crime you didn’t commit is complicated. Especially if the crime is murder, the implications of building a credible defense will be extremely daunting. In the case of Texas, a capital offense is non-bailable. Once convicted, there is no possibility of parole, making your life essentially over. In the case of sexual assault cases are often he-said-she-said cases with barely any physical evidence to support claims but getting witness statements is crucial. When everything is on the line, your only choice is to look for someone you can trust. In Dallas Fort Worth, a private investigator is one of the few most reliable people you can turn to.

  • What Should You Look For in a Private Investigator?

Suppose you are in custody. Under dire circumstances, you must ensure that you begin formulating your defense immediately. The most critical thing you should remember is remain calm and composed so that you can keep a level head. You need to ensure that you can collect all the relevant evidence to help your case. Though it is vital to cooperate with the authorities, you need to refrain from providing information that might incriminate you. To ensure that you can think clearly, you need help from an effective lawyer and an experienced Dallas private investigator.

  • A Private Investigator in Dallas Should Understand Law Enforcement

The best private investigators with experience working in law enforcement may have the opportunity to speak to law enforcement officers based on their background, experience, and credibility, making them the best-positioned people to know their way around evidence-gathering and all matters related to building a winnable case. Best of all, private investigators with law enforcement experience can share meaningful advice to help you avoid incriminating yourself while they gather the evidence to support your claim.

  •  A Private Investigator Should Work Closely With Your Lawyer

As your lawyer builds an airtight case to prove your innocence, an experienced private investigator can use proven and lawful methods to gather evidence for you that will be admissible in court. Choosing a private investigator haphazardly may prove harmful for your defense if they don’t work closely with your lawyer, as unlawful ways of gathering evidence will not hold up in court.

  •  A Private Investigator Should Know the Intricacies of Criminal Defense

Building an airtight case can be next to impossible if your private investigator has insufficient knowledge of the technicalities of criminal defense. For instance, your private investigator should approach the gathering of evidence thoroughly and methodically. They should adequately gather exculpatory evidence, such as the names and addresses of helpful witnesses and circumstantial evidence, so that they can present them in the proper venue. Moreover, they can also provide you with the appropriate advice, such as if you should take a polygraph test.

How Can a Private Investigator Help Prove Your Innocence?

  • Gather Evidence to Bolster Your Case

Gathering evidence is where the strength of a private investigator lies. Not only do private citizens hire private investigators to gather evidence for them, but lawyers and law enforcement agencies also hire private investigators to help them for the same reason. Most private investigators have years of experience and apprenticeship to earn the right to practice in Dallas. If they have experience working with law enforcement agencies, they have the technical knowledge of lawful methods of gathering evidence that will be admissible in court. Since these private investigators have established themselves in Dallas, chances are, they know who to approach and which way to go to get the leads they need to help you build a strong case.

  • Take Proactive Measures Before the Accusations Come

You will need to be proactive to avoid relentless accusers from going out of their way to put you behind bars. Private investigators can help you, and your lawyer compile enough evidence to proactively prevent your enemies from filing charges against you.

  •  Find Credible Witnesses To Help Your Case

If you are in prison, the person best positioned to help you find credible witnesses to a crime is an experienced private investigator. They will know what to do once they have the information they need about the crime you were accused of. They will go to the location of the crime and use their interviewing skills to extract meaningful information that will lead to the witnesses you need to prove your case. Private investigators can track down leads as well. Best of all, these people they interview might be the witnesses that can exonerate you.

  • Can Cooperate With the Authorities During the Investigation

Private investigators will always seek the truth. Not only will they prove your innocence, but they will also provide authorities with evidence that will help them discover the actual perpetrator. Especially in the case of private investigators with law enforcement experience can approach authorities with professionalism, credibility, and expertise. Being too defensive won’t help your case. Hiring a private investigator will support the position that you have nothing to hide.

  • Private Investigators Provide Peace of Mind While Your Case Is Active

One of the worst mistakes people make when charged with a crime is to be in denial and think it will just go away. The more helpless you feel, the more prone you are to taking thoughtless actions that can lead to worse outcomes. With a dependable private investigator working for you, you won’t need to feel helpless, because you know that there is an expert on your side helping you and your lawyer win your case.

  • Can Piece Together Your Alibi

Experienced private investigators are reliable organizers of information. They make excellent and consistent reports and can piece together a coherent story for you. Moreover, our private investigators can offer professional testimony when presenting evidence in court. Once you go to trial, having a rambling or incoherent alibi narrative will not help your cause. You can mount a credible defense once you have a solid story or alibi to support your innocence.

Takeaways: Quality Service From Proven Professionals Is Critical To Proving Your Case

Private Investigator in Dallas Fort Worth

Stiletto Spy & Company Investigations have the training, experience, and skills in surveillance and evidence gathering to assist clients in getting crucial information they need to build an airtight case. With our broad experience in law enforcement and with attorneys, we can ensure that you will get professional and refined service. Our knowledge of Texas laws and the locality of Dallas also helps us ensure that you can get deeper information through our interviews and have lawfully-gathered evidence that will hold up in court. To learn more about our services, and how we can help you win your case, call us at (817) 676-7683.


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